These links can help you break through the time barrier and explore the great, entertaining world of old B movies.

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Sources of Video
Books and Magazines
  • Dr. Macro's High Quality Movie Scans - Features high-resolution scans of movie star 8x10 stills and publicity photos, most from the 1940s and earlier.
  • Horror Host Graveyard - The caretaker digs up news, lays out video clips, uncovers rotten old pictures, and pays his respects to horror hosts new and old.
  • Movieland FX - Located in Fresno, CA, Movieland FX is a group of artists who specialize in creating lifesize statues and special effects. They have done highly detailed replicas of such classic monsters as the Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Metaluna mutant, and the Monster from Piedras Blancas, and are constantly looking for new creatures to license.
  • Wrong Side of the Art! B-Movie Posters - The place for B-movie posters: One sheets, half sheets, daybills, locandines, quads, and the occasional still photo.