February 1, 2022

Shockcessories: Motivational Posters for Classic Monsters

It’s not easy being a Universal monster. Some of them have been performing for over 90 years. First there were theater revivals, and then the Shock Theater TV package made them stars of the small screen. Since then, they’ve shown up in every form of media imaginable, been transferred onto innumerable VHS tapes, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, stand ready to perform on demand for streaming services across the globe, and even today are booked for special event theater screenings. These loyal employees of Universal Studios have worked very hard for many decades.

Back in December of 2020, in an alternate universe where monsters rule, Films From Beyond introduced the inaugural Shocking Image Holiday Gift catalog for the mad scientist who has everything. This year, FFB and The Shocking Image is launching Shockcessories, a line of posters designed to celebrate the contributions of the classic monsters to our collective nightmares and to motivate them to work even harder in the 21st century. Even monsters need a little inspiration now and then. (Click on a poster to see the larger version.)

Shockcessories poster #1: Efficiency, The Wolf Man, 1941

Shockcessories poster #2: Gratitude, Dracula, 1931

Shockcessories poster #3: Patience, The Mummy's Ghost, 1944

Shockcessories poster #4: Perseverance, House of Frankenstein, 1944

Shockcessories poster #5: Teamwork, The Mole People, 1956


  1. Just what I needed after a long, hard day at work. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Bill! Take heart, the weekend's almost here!