December 22, 2020

Holiday Greetings from Films From Beyond: Special '50s Sci-fi Edition

Have yourself a merry holiday season (as much as possible), and may the new year be everything you're hoping for!

Happy Holidays from Films From Beyond

Still, 20 Million Miles to Earth, 1957
"Where did you get this Elf on the Shelf?"

Still, The Thing from Another World, 1951
"James, have you finished stringing up the lights? James...?"

Still, Cat-Women of the Moon, 1953
"Dang! That's not mistletoe!"

Still, The Colossus of New York, 1958
"Why Billy, what makes you think I'm not the real Santa Claus?"

Still, From Hell It Came, 1957
Ever since he was a sapling, all Tabonga wanted to be was the best-looking Christmas tree in the South Seas. But every year when he went looking for people to decorate him, they all ran away.


  1. Happy Holidays to you as well! I have to admit that From Hell It Came looked awfully good in HD on a recent TCM broadcast. As dopey as it is, it felt good to see it again after I couldn't tell you how many years.

    1. Bill, My apologies for the very long delay in responding, but somehow I missed the notification and only now discovered it was still waiting in the blog's in box. Anyway, I too love From Hell It Came, and somehow I keep coming back to it in some way or other on the blog.