October 6, 2020

Heinous Henchmen of Classic Horror #2

This second installment of the series features Morgan (Boris Karloff), a butler employed by the highly eccentric Femm family. The Femms live in an Old Dark House in a remote corner of Wales. 

On a dark and stormy night, two sets of travelers seek shelter from floods and landslides at the Femm mansion. One look at Morgan should have tipped them off that it was better to take their chances in their cars outside.

Still, The Old Dark House, 1932
"Okay, it's a movie, 4 words, first word is..."

Heinous Henchmen of Horror #2 - Boris Karloff as Morgan, The Old Dark House, 1932


Name:  Morgan           Date:   1932       

Supervisor:  Horace Femm              

Category Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Excellent Comment
Work Productivity X Morgan answers the door, cooks and serves food, and looks after the electrical generator.
Work Quality X When Morgan drinks too much he gets surly and violent; just the other night he upended the dinner table trying to get to a houseguest.
Work Relationships
X My sister and I constantly have to repeat ourselves; since the employee is mute, he can only grunt at us.
Initiative X The only time Morgan takes any initiative is when he is chasing one of the houseguests.
Dependability X We rely on the employee NOT to let our insane elder brother out of his room, but Morgan takes a perverse delight in freeing him from time to time.

Summary: Morgan is an uncivilized brute. Sometimes he drinks heavily. Dark and stormy nights set him going, and once he's drunk, he's rather dangerous.

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